About Us

EzeGST is a mobile application developed by Edusip India. This app is the brainchild of seasoned accounting professionals to provide a convenient and a handy medium for online GST compliant book-keeping services. It is suitable for all business owners commanding an enterprise of just about any size.

The team behind the EzeGST app is an integrated mix of IT and Accounting professionals who combine all the experience and knowledge of their respective fields to bring world class consulting services to you through an application that you can work in the palm of your hand while saving you a lot of money at the same time.

How does it work?

EzeGST is a very user-friendly application that will resolve all your operational issues. Through this app, business owners simply need to send us pictures of their paperwork such as invoices, payments, expense bills, bank statements etc.  Our team will process all this data to update the essential financial records and upload it back to the mobile app. This service is available for a nominal fee in the form of quarterly prepaid plans. 

Alongside updated routine book-keeping, your GST return will be prepared way before the deadline set by the government which will undoubtedly save you from plenty of last minute hassle and stress.

The vision behind EzeGST

While several consultants and accounting firms are cashing in from the challenges created by a new tax regime, we invested all our expertise to make this transition as simple as possible for entrepreneurs. We intend to empower all business owners and self-employed professionals with well-informed self-reliance that will prevent a slow-down in their routine operations and long term development.

Is EzeGST meant for you?

It is no secret that a more detailed and demanding tax compliance government policy is a major source of stress for all entrepreneurs. Our app is for all business owners who want to minimize their headache while adapting to the change in the laws and by-laws enforced by GST. If you are left with barely any energy at the end of the day to think about the future of your business because you find yourself struggling to keep up with everyday booking-keeping related issues, then the EzeGST app will provide the much needed relief and assistance without making you run to and fro to a Chartered Accountant’s office and dishing out an enormous fee.

The team behind EzeGST

Our panel comprises of proficient Accountants, Chartered Accountants and Cost Accountants, all of whom subscribe to a single standard set by our organization. This team has the capability to handle any unexpected fluctuation or change that comes up within the increasing compliance demand of the taxation system down to the tiniest detail to ensure your business continues to function smoothly.

They are supported by a brilliant team of IT professionals who are adept at designing, developing, deploying and updating seamless applications for the web and any smartphone operating system.

We also pay particular attention to quality assurance activities and consider them to be an indispensable part of a company’s everyday business process.